The role of a Community First Responder


In rural communities such as Alveley in Shropshire, there may not be access to emergency medical care within the first few minutes of an illness, trauma or accident. In a life threatening situation, these first few minutes may be of vital importance in the care of a patient. It is for these occasions that Alveley Community First Responders can be of most benefit to the patient.


Our CFR volunteers provide cover in Alveley and the surrounding area between Kidderminster and Bridgnorth in the Severn Valley.

When a 999 call is made to the West Midlands Ambulance Service - WMAS, if the nature of the emergency is suitable for our CFR's to attend and we are the nearest available resource to the location, we are asked to respond by the ambulance control staff. Carrying the equipment we are trained for and supplied with, we attend the location in our scheme vehicle. Once with the patient we will assess their condition, and begin treatment if necessary to the level of our training, whilst waiting for the arrival of the nearest full time WMAS ambulance resource.


Whenever a CFR is asked to attend an emergency call, there will always be a full time West Midlands Ambulance resource sent at the same time. However, if that ambulance is travelling from some distance away such as Telford, Kidderminster or the Black Country the Alveley CFR is likely to arrive with the patient sooner, and be able to provide medical care more quickly. In situations such as Cardiac Arrests (where the heart has stopped beating), Heart Attacks, Strokes or Trauma, every minute counts if the patient is to have any chance of survival or recovery.


The Alveley volunteer CFR who lives within minutes of a patient, can make a positive difference to the outcome for a critically ill patient, by providing excellent basic life support and care, until the arrival of the WMAS ambulance clinicians.